What Makes INK Different To The Competition?

Here are just a few reasons to give INK a try:

1. Real-Time Competitive Recommendations

INK provides data second by second to help you optimize for your target keyphrase instead of just rule-based advice. With our well-organized micro to-do list, you will know in just a few clicks, what your target word count should be, who your competitors are, and how it's going so far with your content to cover a topic in a way that will be valuable to the people you are looking to attract. 

For more information, go to the Relevant Topics Task Card

2. Built With the Writer in Mind

Not an SEO expert? No problem. Beautiful, distraction-free AND, and there's no need to stress about the technicalities of SEO. Even for an absolute beginner, INK will guide you through the SEO process to give you the best insight into optimizing your content for experts INK will be a friendly reminder to dot your Is, cross your Ts and empower your team to grow.

For more information, go find out how we can help you create content to be found.

3. Audience Optimization

It's one thing to be told why your content is performing well; it's another to understand its mechanics.

INK scans the digital landscape and distills the essential pieces down to you. While you write, INK will let you know about the mechanics behind advanced reading grade levels, specific grammar use, content's topical relevance, and even improve your emotional intelligence. 

To help you understand your audience and what they want, try our Emotionally Intelligent Headline Analyzer

4. Homegrown AI

We built our AI in-house from the ground up to understand the topical relevance of content in Google Search; this allows us to look deep into what Google's AI is looking for.

This means that when you use INK, you get a deep look into what Google wants, giving you a significant advantage against the competition.

Want to get nerdy with us? Look at our Data Study.

5. Accessibility

INK has specific modes designed to accommodate writers with color blindness or dyslexia. Color blindness affects 1 in 12 people, while dyslexia affects almost 1 in 5. With this in mind, we ensured that INK caters to every writer.

6. Built-in Image Optimization

Image optimization plays a significant part in how your content performs online. Aside from significantly improving user experience, minor tweaks to images can dramatically boost your chances of ranking.

With this in mind, we've developed a built-in image optimizer that helps you with image compression, placement, and even alt text composition.

7. Every piece of content is analyzed individually

What works for one keyphrase won't work for others, which is why we specifically analyze every individual keyword.

8. You won't know until you try it

Our INK Free subscription; you get all the bells and whistles in our paid subscription, limited to how much you can use it. 

Right now, you receive free.

  • AI Writer - 2,000 AI Words
  • AI Image Generator - 20 AI Images

These are just several features and reasons that put INK ahead of the rest that can help with your writing experience, and there are plenty more. You won't know until you try it for yourself.

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Need more assistance? Email us at support@inkco.co