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INK's Relevant Topics Card Explained

INK’s Relevant Topics Card can help improve your content relevance. It does so in a number of ways, one of which is by analyzing how relevant your content is to your chosen keyphrase.

When it comes to writing content around a chosen keyword, it's important to stay on topic.

For example, if you're writing an article about baking, you wouldn’t start talking about bike maintenance. Both Google and visitors to your site will know if you are misusing a keyphrase or keyword stuffing.

Because of this, it's important to remember the purpose and goal of your content.

Let's say you're writing an article about dog grooming. For this, you may choose the keyphrase "dog grooming tips" or "dog grooming guide".

For an article like this and many others, it can be hard to know what to include and what to omit. Do I talk about my own dog? Which tips do I include? How much should I write?

This is where INK comes in.

When you enter a keyphrase into INK, it analyzes all of the pages ranking for that chosen phrase. Then, it compares your own content against these pages.

To show you how well you compare to these sites, the INK Relevant Topics Card provides a topic cluster as well as sources.

Indeed, INK Editor may be the first app that uses AI to analyze the relevance of your content against your competitors. It takes several factors into account, with the most vital being language use, topical relevance, and readability.

You can find this score in the relevant topics and their sources in INK’s Relevant Topics Taskbar.


INK's Relevant Topics in Action

Here's Brooke showing us how to utilize the Relevant Topic.


How to Improve Topical Relevance

INK does all the hard work for you in this.

By completing all of the Relevance Topic Tasks within the INK app, you should see your INK SEO Score reach close to 100%.

If you've completed all of these tasks and are still short of 90%, check to see if there are any Word Tasks left to complete.

INK is designed to take all of the mystery out of content writing.

With INK, you can see exactly what your competitors have done to achieve the top ranking spot. Then, you can use INK's Task system to outrank them.


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