Rewriting Text


Essential: Quick Rewrite

Simply select a word, sentence or a few sentences. Next to the SEO icon, a rewrite icon will appear as active:

If you click on it, you'll see our rewrite interface.

INK will provide you with multiple rewrite choices. Click the output to replace the current selection.

Advanced: Command AI to rewrite text

You can use command AI writing to achieve powerful outcomes.

In this example, we separate the previous text from the relevant text we want to rewrite with the ### short code. This sets the context to ignore the text in red, and only consider the text in blue. 

Next, I ask INK to summarize the context in one sentence.

The output produced:

Professional: Paraphrasing Competitor Text

INK can help you paraphrase your competitor sources with a single click!

Try it yourself:

  1. Open the SEO sidebar
  2. Enter a relevant key phrase and wait for it to finish calculating
  3. Open Relevant Topics and wait for Sources to Load
  4. Click the down arrow on a subheading section
  5. Click the Paraphrase icon
  6. INK will paraphrase the text and insert it into your article

By default, INK will always show the source of your paraphrased copy in the article. To change this setting, click on the settings gear.