Document Tasks

Document Task is composed of Content, Metadata, and Completed Task.

The document task card shows after you provide the keyword to your content. 

When you click the Document Task card, you will see this information.

1. Content - contains important suggestions for content that needs to be completed for optimization.

2. Meta Data - this section is where you can add your Meta Title, Description, and Alt Text.

Note: Alt Text card only shows after adding an image.

  • Meta Title - often show up as links just above the meta description on search result pages, so write something that will catch attention.

  • Meta Description - show up under you title. Searchers often use this to decide whether or not to click on your page. Try to write a tweet-sized summary of your page.

  • Alt Text - this only shows after you added a picture. Search engines use alt text, computer vision algorithms, and the contents of the page to understand the subject matter of the image.
    When choosing alt text, focus on creating valuable, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and is in the context of the page's content. Try to shorten your Alt text. You should be able to describe your image in 15 words or less accurately.

3. Completed Tasks - To-do tasks across the INK Editor show up in this section with a green checkmark when complete. Green means you have completed these tasks and can move on to something else!

INK's Document Task in Action

Here's Brooke showing us how to utilize the Document Task.


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