INK And WordPress Gutenberg: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for an easy, seamless way to marry content in the INK Editor with WordPress? Then meet your new BFF! The WordPress plugin for the INK Editor is here!

We get it — uploading content into WordPress can be tiresome. Besides copying and pasting the text and images, you also have to upload the featured image, keywords, meta description, meta title, oh and rewrite the alt text.

Tedious, right? But that’s not the case when you’re using the INK Editor, and here’s why.

The INK Editor has a plugin for uploading content in the INK file into WordPress. That means you only have to create your content within the INK Editor once. Then, the plugin will upload the data — text, media, alt text, metadata — into the WordPress editor.

Here’s how it works!

  • Importing an .ink file into WordPress is straightforward when using the INK plugin.
  • Exporting a WordPress post into a .ink file is also just as simple.

How to Import .ink file into WordPress Using the INK Plugin

Follow these steps to use the INK plugin in WordPress:

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, select Posts > Add New
  2. Select the INK icon on the top right corner and click the pink Drop .ink file here to import option
  3. Choose the .ink file that you wish to publish and click Open
  4. Your content should populate in the WordPress editor automatically.

How to Export a Post as an .ink File in WordPress Using the INK Plugin

Follow these steps to export your WordPress post as an .ink file:

  1. From the WordPress editor, click the Click to export .ink file button
  2. Rename the .ink file, and select where to save it
  3. Click Save
Alternatively, you could download the post as an .ink file within the WordPress post list. The process is the same — whether you’re using the WordPress block editor or the classic editor.

However, it’s best to check the top right corner of the WordPress editor to verify that you installed the plugin correctly.

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