INK Certification

Congratulations, you've made it to the end of the INK bootcamp.

Self Certification

To become certified, please take the certification exam.

It takes about 5 minutes, and you have to score 85% or higher. You can take the test more than once if needed.

  • Certified INK users can use their badge anywhere and everywhere, including LinkedIn.
  • INK Certified writers have proven their SEO copywriting mastery, which increases their value to prospective customers or employers.
  • You now have permission to offer INK-as-a-service on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. In such marketplaces, you can charge a premium for 90% INK Score content, knowing it will be optimized for SEO.

Extended Certification

In addition to the regular certification, we offer an extended certification service free of charge.

Extended certification gives you the following certificate, signed by our CEO.

To obtain your extended certification:

  • Email with your account email
  • The account email must match your bootcamp exam

The success team will verify if you meet these extended requirements:

  • You are a self certified INK user
  • You have completed the bootcamp exam and scored 85%
  • You have generated at least 20,000 words with AI
  • You have optimized at least 5 SEO articles (measured by keywords)
  • You have generated at least 10 images