INK SEO Editor FREE Word Task Card is available to all of our users. It's the best tool to support you in optimizing your content for your business. If you're new to SEO or an expert, you will save time using our desktop application and software. Create, streamline and optimize your content all in one place at the same time!

Word task is composed of spelling and grammar, composition, and completed task.

Word Task Card

Right after you enter your keyword you will see the Word Task card in the right corner of the INK app.

Word Task
1. Spelling and Grammar
This is where you can check spelling and grammar suggestions to make your content more understandable.

Spelling and Grammar
2. Composition
This is where you can check hard and very hard-to-read sentences, adverbs used, and if there's an indication of consecutive sentences. As well as the aim on how many times you can use them.

Consecutive sentences - is a sentence starting with the same word. Unless this is intentional poetry, consider mixing it up.

3. Completed Task
This is where you can check the items that are already completed in this particular task. A green check indicates that it's good to go.

Completed Task
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