What Can INK Do For Me?

INK is not a crutch, and it's not a miracle worker.

What INK does for you is give you the ability to make your content the best it can be, all on one platform.

Whether you need a spellchecker, image editor, or insight into how your content will perform, INK can help you out.

Looking for a place to just quickly write down some notes? INK can do that for you.

Want to start a content marketing campaign to corner your niche market? INK can help you with that.

When you use INK, it doesn't fix issues with your content, it shows you how to make it better.

One of the hardest aspects of writing online content is knowing whether people will read it or whether it will rank.

INK's unique AI takes all of the mystery out of that question.

The INK SEO Scoring system takes every aspect of your content into account, from reading level to topical completeness, and gives you a simple score showing you how well it will perform.

This boils down to all the important factors of content writing and does away with all the mystery.

Now, with INK, you can finally get a full idea of how to make your content the best it can be.

To give INK a try, just visit our homepage to download it for free.