Welcome to the INK Bootcamp.

Our easy, step-by-step guides will supercharge your content creation.

Who is this Bootcamp for?
You. It's designed for you. We strongly advise ALL users to finish the Bootcamp, even if you have some experience with AI assistants.

How INK is different

Some companies are about optimizing content. Some companies are about generating. INK is the only company that has fully integrated both. We literally invented and patented the space, and our optimization intelligence is lightyears ahead of anything else you can buy on the market today.

1. The only Semantic AI SEO optimization model for scoring content

2. The only Writing AI that learns in real-time how to outwrite your competition

3. The only Emotional Intelligence AI found in content creation

How INK is better

We think AI generation is awesome. But if it doesn't combine with a human, it produces the CO2 of the internet - it's just spam! Content that doesn't get found, engages or converts doesn't move the needle for us, and our customers shouldn't settle for less.

State of the art AI Words & Images are unlimited on all our paid plans, because we make up the difference in our performance technology.

In short, INK is for winners.