My Content Is Full Of Images, How Do I Optimize It In INK?

When you search for certain terms, most search engines (particularly Google) will show you different layouts for results.

Let's take key phrases related to earrings as an example.

  • The key phrase "earrings ideas" will most likely show you results from blogs, how-to sites, and maybe some online stores.
  • The key phrase "earrings for sale", however, will mainly show you online stores and marketplaces.

Naturally, your content marketing tactics for both of these key phrases are going to be entirely different.

Let's say your key phrase is "earrings for sale", or something related to shopping. For a site focused on this key phrase, you're going to be using a lot of images.

But, in INK, how can you best optimize your content for image-heavy content?

INK's image editor

sing INK's image editor is simple.

1. The easiest way to add images is by clicking the image icon in the top toolbar.

2. Then, once you have added an image, you will see the Image Optimizer in the right-side toolbar.

3. From here you can add a caption, alt text, and even change the size and compression of the image.

INK is designed to be as simple to use as possible, and the image editor is no exception.

But, what if you're planning on adding hundreds of images to your content?

  • In that case, the best tactic may be to leave the images out of your content and add them at a later time.
  • Then, add your content and keyphrase to your .ink file.
  • By adding just text, you will see through your INK SEO score how well your content will perform without images.

Adding images will usually add another few points to your INK SEO score, but they should not be relied on.

This way, you can gain an insight into how well your content will perform and save time in trying to add all of those images to INK.

INK's Image Editor can be a vital tool for optimizing your content. For more information on how to make the most of this feature, you can read our guide here.

If you are having issues with editing images, please send us feedback through the INK app.