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INK Won’t Start Up Correctly

When Does the Recovery Mode Show up Automatically?

If you detect any slowdown in how long it takes to start INK, or detect any possible issue with a file that may not have been completely saved, it's possible that you will see our Repair Mode screen.

Most of the time, that doesn't mean you have an actual issue. We wanted to make sure that you have the option there in case you do.

How can I Access the Recovery Mode Manually?

1. Access it through your application File Menu.

2. Then, click on Repair.

3. And you will see the Recovery Mode screen open.

How and When Should I use the Recovery Mode Options?

Each option is more involved than the next.

1. Clearing cache and resetting the user permissions.

This won't materially change your settings, so if it works - great!

2. Resetting the local database is a bit more invasive.

You will lose cached AI models, dictionary settings and user preference settings. It's possible that a newer version of INK uses the database in a different way and that there's a bug we didn't catch. In those cases, the local database may become corrupted. This option resets it to a virgin state so that you can continue using INK without needing to reinstall.

3. Direct link to our latest installation file.

We recommend you uninstall INK completely first, then reinstall INK from the installation file. You can grab a copy of the installer here.

If none of these work...

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