Importing, Exporting & INK: Everything You Need to Know

At INK, we know how frustrating it can be having to format your files over and over again every time you swap platforms. So, it can be pretty hard to maintain the format of your document when swapping between platforms, especially by using copy and paste


Here is a quick guide on how to import and export your documents to and from INK.

1. Importing Files Into INK

Naturally, you can copy and paste text and images into INK, but it can sometimes lead to formatting issues, particularly for large files. 

But, if it's just a simple file, sometimes copy and pasting can be the fastest way to achieve this. 

However, if it's a larger or more complex file, you may want to import it into INK.

You can do so by clicking on the file tab in the top left corner and then choosing what file type you would like to import.

Import Files into INK

Currently, INK only supports the importing of .txt, .html, .docx files as well as from URLs, but this is something we are currently working on expanding. 

Once you select the file, it should import into INK. From there, you can start your writing and optimization process. 

2. Exporting Files

Just like with importing, you can also copy and paste your text and images from one platform to the next, but this can cause issues. 

For larger files, you can follow the same process and navigate to the file tab to find our exporting options. 

Export Files From INK

As well as .txt, .html, .docx files, you can also export your content as an .md file.

However, it's often best to keep your content as an .ink file. By using .txt and .html files, you won't be able to export some parts of your content, such as metadata, particularly with .txt files. 

3. The INK WordPress Plugin
INK WordPress Plugin

WordPress powers 33.6% of all the pages on the Internet, making it one of the most powerful platforms for your content. With that said, we've made it simple for you to import your .ink files into WordPress with the INK WordPress plugin. 

You can download our WordPress plugin here

Once installed, you can upload any .ink file directly into your WordPress platform, making it easier than ever for you to keep working without any interruptions. 


Need Assistance?

If you are having issues with our exporting or importing tools, or you would like to suggest a new feature to us, please feel free to shoot us a message via live chat here. Or drop us an email here:
The feedback feature through the INK editor is available too.
You can also set up a meeting with us!