How to Use The INK Editor's AI Write Feature

Writing content that engages an audience can be challenging — especially for non-writers or new writers.

That's why we added an AI Write feature to our INK Editor. You only need one click to generate a paragraph of relevant content.

What's more, you can expand, rewrite, or simplify each sentence as you see fit. At the same time, you can select your preferred writing tone — casual or formal.

Here's how to use the AI Write button on the INK Editor.

Use the AI Write Feature on the INK Editor in Three Steps

Follow the steps outlined below to use the INK AI Write feature.

  • Add a primary keyphrase
  • Type a relevant headline
  • Click the AI Write button

Our AI will automatically generate content that's relevant to your headline. For example, it could be a brief introduction.

Rewrite, Expand and Simplify Content on INK

Using the AI Write feature to rewrite, expand, or simplify existing text is a clever way to meet your publishing goals. Here's how it works.

  1. Highlight the sentence or paragraph
  2. Select Simplify to write a sentence that's easy to read
    Simplify Sentence
  3. Click Expand to add more words and phrases to your sentence
    Expand Sentence
  4. Click Rewrite to reword an entire sentence
    Rewrite Sentence
  5. You can also take control of our AI Rewrite feature by picking the right tone for your audience. These include the Casual, Formal, or Normal tone option.
  6. Click the arrow next to the Rewrite button to select your preferred option.


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