How To Import YouTube Videos To WordPress?

With INK’s WordPress plugin, importing your YouTube video is easier than ever.

Enabling YouTube Import functionality in WordPress Site

  1. Navigate to the WordPress homepage.
  2. Then, just click on the Settings tab and click INK Plugin.
  3. Ensure YouTube links to YouTube embeds with WordPress checkbox is checked and click Save Changes.
  4. Now your WordPress is ready to import YouTube links directly from a .ink file.

How to export YouTube videos from INK

  1. Open INK and insert YouTube URL directly to the editor.
  2. Once you are done with writing the article, press Ctrl+s to save the .ink file.

Uploading an .ink file

  1. Create a new post and click on the + button in the top left corner.
  2. Then, just click on the Upload INK File to add your content.
  3. Once uploaded, your .ink file will transfer over all your content, images, formatting, metadata, and even YouTube Video.
  4. The exported YouTube link will be embedded in the article automatically.


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