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How Does INK Work?

Here's Alexander, INK Co-Founder, and CTO explaining in his own words how INK works.

At its core, INK is a content creation platform that helps writers get the most out of their content.

With its accessible interface, highly advanced content relevance AI, and interactive feedback system, INK can help you with a multitude of tasks.

From spell-checking to see how well optimized your content is for search engine rankings, INK has you covered.

We've put a lot of time and testing into INK to make it work. Naturally, we're not going to give away our secret ingredient, but here's a quick summary of how INK works to improve your content.

1. INK SEO Score


INK SEO Score can be your secret writing weapon. It can be hard knowing if your content is going to rank or not, especially without the right tools. This is exactly what INK is for.

INK SEO score is measured by a large number of factors, all analyzed by our own proprietary AI. This all starts when you add a key phrase to your .ink file.

When you add a key phrase to the INK app, it does a number of things.

  • Firstly, it scans your competitors' sites to see exactly what they're doing that helps them to rank for your targeted key phrase. Along with many other things, it takes their readability, keyword usage, and copy length into account.
  • Then, once it has completed analyzing your competitors, INK's AI will analyze your content, seeing how you match up.
  • When INK analyzes your work, it weighs your content against those factors we previously mentioned, along with a few others.
  • One of the most important things INK analyzes with your INK SEO Score is Topical Relevance.

Topical Relevance
In short, Topical Relevance is a metric that shows you how relevant your content is about the ranking content for your chosen keyword.

  • With a low Topical Relevance score, INK (and search engines) will see your content as irrelevant, making it far less likely for you to rank.
  • With a high Topical Relevance score, you're on your way to pushing above and beyond your competitors' content.

This is just one of the many secret weapons that INK can provide for you, but it can often be the most powerful.

Another vital aspect of our INK app is our grammar analysis engine.

2. INK's Grammatical Analysis

INK isn't just a keyword-optimizing machine. It can also help you create the most readable, accessible, and grammatically correct content possible.

Readability is vitally important in content creation, and every writer needs a great grammar tool to keep them on track. This is where INK's grammar comes in to play.

We can tell you if there are any misspellings or syntax errors in your copy, that's the easy part.

Along with that, we can also tell you where your articles are hard to read, where you can improve your word usage, and even when is a good time to add a new header.

You can get the most important tips and advice from INK on how to improve your content from the Word Tasks tool, as pictured below.

Word Tasks
But, INK analyzes your content even further, which you can see by clicking on the Spelling & Grammar tab, as pictured below.

Spelling and Grammar
But, INK does even more than that. If you want a truly in-depth analysis of your content, INK can provide it for you. If you go to the tools tab in the top left corner, you will find INK's text composition tool.

Text Composition
This has absolutely everything you would need to know to analyze your content. Below you can see an example of everything INK analyzes when you use the Text Composition tool.

INK Text Composition Features
With INK's advanced grammatical analysis, you will improve your content's readability and quality.

3. INK as Your Secret Content Recipe

It can be easy to get lost in your content, forgetting exactly what you need from it or where you need to go. This is where INK comes in.

Along with being a highly advanced AI tool for utilizing your key phrases to their highest potential, INK's AI will also analyze your content's grammar and structure to give you and your users the best possible experience.

Although we can't give away our secret recipe in exactly how INK's AI works, it won't stop you from making INK your secret weapon.

If you think there is a way we could improve INK's AI or usability, please don't hesitate in sending us feedback through the INK app.