How Does INK Editor's SEO Score Improve Results?

Let's take a look at how the INK SEO Score can help you win!

The INK SEO score rates content for ranking potential in Google Search. INK makes it easier for you to direct your focus and energy where you will gain the most impact. Understanding the INK SEO Score will improve your article's performance and save you time. Using INK can take the pain out of search engine optimization — whether you are an individual content creator or part of a team of writers.

Commercial content writers, small-businesses, web design, and SEO teams can create engaging and performance-driven content that effectively answers people's questions.

When you write with INK, your published content will be optimized and you will greatly increase your chances of having your content on the first page of Google.

SEO has been around for decades. With more marketers catering to the digital consumer, it has never been more in demand, competitive or important to write high-quality content. But how? And what about the time, energy, and potential for high costs involved?

INK is the answer to this dilemma.

The INK SEO Score helps you see the likelihood of whether or not something you publish is going to perform. It will also help you save time with an AI-powered checklist and AI co-writing.

Writing, optimizing, or doing quarterly maintenance on evergreen content just got a lot easier with INK too!

Here is how the INK Score works

1. Create a piece of content

  • Start writing — something as simple as a headline Link
  • Grab the URL of a blog and import its link
  • Copy and paste from Google, Word, or Grammarly link

2. Click SEO

3. Enter a keyphrase

  • I used "INK SEO Score" instead of "INK" to write this article.
  • Yes, it helps to have done some keyword research or start with your headline and pick the main topic as the keyphrase.

4. Watch the magic happen

What's your score?

The INK SEO Score

The INK SEO score is comprised of 4 task cards when you are using the PRO version.

Relevant Topics Tasks (PRO Feature)

Read more about Relevant Topics here.

INK Editor supports multiple keyphrases.

Topical relevance means additional opportunities for topics that you may have overlooked. These are generated from INK's patented AI considering your most competitive content. You can also look at sources for inspiration. As you expand on the suggested topics or continue to write, your INK score will rise. This task holds the most significant opportunity to increase your INK score.

Word Tasks

Read more about Word Tasks here.

Features Included

The Word Tasks Card considers the word count for this specific piece of content in comparison to other ranking content. Word tasks also includes proper use of subheadings, passive voice, unique hyperlinks, consecutive sentences, sections over 300 words long, adverbs, readability, very hard to read sentences, hard to read sentences, passive voice, spelling, and grammar suggestions.

Document Tasks

Read more about Document Task here.

Features Included

The Document Tasks Card gives recommendations to optimize your ALT text for images, meta title score, meta description score, keyword in the first paragraph, keyphrase in sub-heading, and images in your content.

Headline Tasks

Read more about Headline Task here.

Features Included

The Headline Task Card optimizes your content while considering emotional intelligence, headline relevance, word count, character count, sentiment, readability, and topic headline.

Your INK SEO Score will update in real-time as you continue to write and edit your content using your task cards as a to-do list.

Gif real-time update

  • Completed Tasks

Completed tasks are sorted under each of their respective task cards. When you see check marks those are done! Green means go.

To help give you a quick snapshot of your progress, you can look at the task cards and see how many tasks are within one section.

In this example, I have ZERO document tasks left to do!

Your digital marketing just got a big boost — and your content will perform better in search results when optimized with INK.

Search engines will continually change and update. INK is built in an online machine learning environment. We will always keep up with Google search updates and the continuous changes to what content is ranking for.

Improve your organic search results by publishing articles with a 90% INK SEO Score or higher. You can be confident that your content is way ahead of the curve when you are in the 90% and above INK SEO Score range compared to most content writers.

Your user experience and results matter to us.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!