How Does INK Analyze Competing Websites?

One of INK's major features is to analyze your text against competitors to let you know how high of a chance you have of ranking on search engine pages.

But, how exactly does INK do this?

Of course, we can't give away our secret recipe, but we can give you a little insight into how INK works.

INK analyzes your competitors' pages just like you do, except in a matter of seconds rather than hours.

Everyone takes a look at their competition from time to time: their writing style, word count, and even image use.

Naturally, this can take a long time, especially in a crowded market.

It can take one person-hours to look through all of their competitors' pages, especially for an in-depth analysis.

INK, with its proprietary AI, can do this in a matter of seconds.

Once you enter a key phrase into INK's SEO tool, it crawls all of the ranking pages for that key phrase. Once completed, INK then shows you exactly what you need to do to give you the best chance of ranking above your competitors.

This can be a vital tool for any content writer and can save you hours or days in analyzing your competitors.

If you have any questions about how INK's SEO tool works or are having any issues, please feel free to send us a feedback through the INK app.