4+ million blog posts are written every day. Of those, about 91% of pages get zero traffic from Google. 

How can a writer know if their content is “good enough” for Google?

This is where INK comes in. 

It analyzes the top performers in your chosen area and tells you exactly how to beat them. 

It solves the problem of writers having to shoot in the dark and hope that their content can rank. 

With INK, writers can learn exactly what they're doing right and where they need to improve. 

INK's proprietary AI analyzes your content and your competition in a unique way, intuitively showing you how to boost your chances of ranking. 

This is one of the most fundamental issues most content writers face, one which INK solves in an intuitive, unique, and accessible way. 

INK is free to download and free to use, making it easier than ever to get a full insight into how your content can perform online. 

To download INK, just visit our homepage to get started. 

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