NEW October 7th, 2021
Import and export .ink files on WordPress quickly using the INK plugin

Importing an .ink file into WordPress is straightforward when using the INK plugin. Exporting a WordPress post into a .ink file is equally as simple and time-effective.

Here’s how it works.

NEW September 13th, 2021
AI Tools are now accessible from within the editor
When you open INK, you can quickly access 40+ AI Tools from within the editor and with just 1 click, the generated output will paste to wherever in your content you place your cursor.

Introducing INK features and plugins

Add images easily with Unsplash in the editor.

With INK’s Unsplash feature, you can easily:
Search images
Import images with one click
Optimize images with our Image Optimizer
Auto-caption images with Source credit

Bonus Feature: MS Word import & export.
Now you can seamlessly integrate your content between Word and INK!

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