Today, there are thousands of SEO tools available online. So why choose INK?

Every piece of content is analyzed individually. What works for one keyphrase won't work for others, which is why we specifically analyze every individual keyword.

INK is designed with the writer in mind - there's no need to be an SEO expert to use INK.

INK's user friendly interface gives smart advice that let's you get to the core of content optimization.

Audience optimization: INK helps you to understand why your content is performing well. INK's proprietary AI scans the digital landscape and distills what pieces you should be focusing on.

We built our AI in-house from the ground up to understand the topical relevance of content in Google Search. This allows us to look deep into what Google’s AI is looking for.

Accessibility for color blindness and dyslexia

Built-in image optimization

These are just a number of features that puts INK ahead of the rest, but there are plenty more. To see what INK can do for you and your content, **download it for free** today from our homepage.
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