We've made sure that INK is accessible and open to everyone, making it useful to anyone. Whether you're just taking down notes or want to optimize your content to dominate an online market, INK can help you.

INK is easy to use and even easier to utilize. Our unique scoring system gives users insight into how well their content will perform and exactly how they can improve their work. 

For example, let's say you're a content marketer who wants to write a piece that ranks for the most searched terms in that industry. You can use INK to write and optimize your content, all on one platform, making it easier than ever to boost your next marketing campaign. 

You can also share these files with other INK users, letting you and your team work together in a fast and cooperative way. 

Even if you're just looking for an app that lets you write in a comfortable and easy fashion, INK can help you. Using INK's Word Tasks toolbar and Text Composition feature, you can take a deep dive into your work, letting you understand your writing style and where you can improve.

1. INK FREE is free forever.

2. INK PRO is a paid version for 1 user. AI generation and SEO Optimization in one with 1,000 INK points per month.

3. INK PRO UNLIMITED is a paid version for 3 users. AI generation and SEO Optimization in one with unlimited points per month.

4. CUSTOM PLAN is a paid version for more than 3 users.

INK can be a help to any writer, regardless of their experience or intent.

To give it a test run, just visit our homepage and download INK for free to get started.
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