Headline Optimization and How to Use It

When it comes to ranking and grabbing your audience’s attention, using power words just doesn’t work anymore. But, emotions do.

This article will show you:
Where to quickly find INK PRO’s Emotionally Intelligent Headline Optimization
How to use it to better understand your audience’s expectations and how your competitors are currently meeting them

You can find the Headline Optimization Tasks in the right sidebar, inside the SEO panel. It's visible after you add your key phrase.

1. To get started, simply input your keyword and click the + sign to start analyzing. (Example: content creation)

2. After INK analyzes your work against your target keyword and competitors’ content, you will see task cards in the sidebar on the right side of your screen. These task cards include a card for the Headline Optimization feature. Click on the Headline Task card to see how to optimize your headline to get more clicks.

3. After you click on the Headline Task card, you will see the Headline Optimization Menu. It includes several click-boosting tasks. It’s important to note that some Headline Optimization tasks are only available for INK PRO (Why PRO?).

Word Count: word count of your headline and suggests best practices. All versions.
Character Count: character count and suggestions of best practices. All versions.
Readability Grade: shows you if your headline is harder to read than your audience prefers .
Emotional Intelligence: reveals which emotions resonate best with your audience & how competitors use them.
Headline Relevance: makes sure your content matches your audience’s expectation.
Topic Relevance: shows you how relevant your headline is to your article and your keyword so it best connects with your audience.
Sentiment Analysis: Let’s you know if you’re using the most appropriate tone to make the most meaningful impression.

4. Headline Tasks are incorporated into the overall SEO score, so these give you another way to get your score to 100%.
For example, hover over the main Headline Optimization Task card to see how much these tailored to-dos can help increase your score (and your ranking potential).

5. As you resolve your tasks, you will see your Completed Tasks at the bottom of the main Headline Optimization menu.

Completed Tasks have a green checkmark next to them so you can see your progress at a glance. That way, you don’t have to interrupt your workflow to see what’s done and what’s left to do.

6. Click on the Emotional Intelligence card to open this optimization menu. It gives you real-time insights into how well your title reflects the emotions your audience is looking for when they search the keyword you entered.

Click on this card to see which:
Emotions are most relevant to your target readers
Words your competitors are using to convey the same sentiments which can be found under Competitive Headlines

7. Go back to the Main Headline Optimization Menu to check out the Headline Relevance tasks. Click on this card to open the Headline Relevance menu.

It shows you which words to use to make sure your article is relevant to your:
Target keyword
Article topic
Audience’s emotional expectations

Since other tools only check if your headline is relevant to your keyword, this feature may be a new growth hack for you. This task makes sure your headline is relevant to both your article and your keyword so it best connects with your audience.

Since INK’s powerful AI analyzes in real-time, you know your SEO headline is always up-to-date, fresh, and relevant right now.

Explore all of the ways INK PRO’s Headline Optimization tasks can help you get more clicks and outperform the competition faster.

If you think there is a feature that could help your writing experience and would make a great addition to INK, please don't hesitate to send us your feedback using the Feedback Button in the INK app .
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