So, you've written your first piece of content in INK. You've added your key phrases, and INK has calculated your INK SEO Score.

In the Word Tasks toolbar, you may come across INK's readability feature.

Just like the other tasks within this menu, your Readability Grade focuses on improving your chances of converting users to your site through your language use.
When you input a key phrase into INK, it analyzes all of the ranking pages for that chosen phrase. 

Furthermore, INK analyzes the language use and tone employed by these pages. 

To give you the best insight into how to form your content, INK then shows you how you compare to these competing sites.

A major part of this comparison is the Readability Grade.
When it comes to writing content, language use is key.
For both users and search engines, it's important that your tone is similar to that of your competitors. When you open up the Word Tasks in INK, it will show you exactly what tone you need to take.
Some styles call for more complex wording, while for others it's more important to cut to the chase.

If you see the Readability Grade card in your Word Tasks, it means that you either need to simplify your language or broaden your vocabulary.

To do this, the best thing is to look at INK's Grammar Suggestions.
This, along with focusing on hard to read sentences, is the best way to reduce or increase your readability grade.
Focusing on this area of your content is one of the fastest ways of improving your Content Relevance Score and, in turn, your chances of ranking.

If you have any questions or suggestions about INK's Readability function, please use the feedback feature in the INK app.
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