WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms on the Internet.

In fact, over a third of all websites are currently hosted on WordPress.

At INK, we know that uploading your content from one platform to another can often be a headache.

To counteract this, we've developed a WordPress Plugin for INK.

That way, whenever you're finished optimizing your content in INK, you can upload your .ink file directly to WordPress.

But, what if your .ink file won't upload to your WordPress site?

The first thing to do in this case is to check to see if the INK plugin is installed properly.

To do this, just follow our plugin installation guide.

In general, if your INK plugin is installed correctly, you should have no issues adding it to your WordPress.

However, sometimes issues can occur.

The first thing you should ensure is that your .ink file is not corrupted.

You can do this simply by trying to open up the file on your device.

If it opens and works, then there may be other issues. If it fails to open, just follow our Repair guide to recover your file.

If your .ink file is especially large, it may take some time for your file to upload to WordPress.

It's highly unlikely that the uploading will timeout due to the size of the file. However, if you have a slow internet connection combined with a large .ink file, it may occur.

Other than using a faster internet connection, you could also fix this issue by reducing the size of your .ink file.

Finally, another error that may have occurred is that your ISP or hosting site is restricting INK's access to your WordPress site.

INK is pretty new to the market, which can sometimes lead to some providers flagging our software.

To solve this issue, just email your service provider and they will fix this issue for you.

If all of these methods fail to fix the issue, please send us a feedback form through the INK app and we try our best to solve the problem for you as fast as possible.
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