INK's Topical Completeness is one of the most important metrics when writing in the INK editor. 

You can view your topical completeness score within the Relevancy Tasks toolbar.

As INK explains within the app, the Topical Completeness score is the metric which measures how relevant your content is to competing articles. 

Put simply, it measures whether search engines will see your content as relevant or not. 

Naturally, this can be a vitally important guideline for any content writer in knowing when their article is ready. 

But, what happens if your article was 100% Topically Complete, then it suddenly drops? 

This can happen for a number of reasons, but there are two main causes. 

### #1 Word Count

The first is that INK only begins measuring your topical completeness after you have written 300 words.

The main reason behind this is that any content below 300 words will not be a large enough sample size to compare it against competing pages. 

Furthermore, you should be writing more than 300 words for your optimized articles as Google will often disregard any page with fewer than 300 words. 

Remember, writing lengthy and informative answers is one of the easiest ways of ranking for certain queries. 

The second reason that your topical completeness may change is because INK has re-evaluated your INK score. 

SEO is a rapidly changing industry: search engine rankings change almost every day. 

Sometimes, when you open up an .ink file that you haven't edited for a number of days, you may notice that your INK score has changed.

This is because there may be new pages competing for that keyphrase or that other pages have dropped down the rankings. 

Naturally, when this score changes, so will your Topical Completeness Score. 

To boost your score, simply just follow the Word and Relevance Tasks given to you by INK to get you back up to 100%. 

If you find that you are still having issues with INK's Topical Completeness Score, please send us a feedback form through the INK app.
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