We do this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it makes signing up to INK easier than if you had to create an account from scratch. It makes it faster for you to start writing and it makes it easier for us to get you started. 

Secondly, using your Google and Facebook accounts ensures that your personal information is at less of a risk, making INK a more privacy-secure experience.

Lastly, with your Google or Facebook account, it makes it easier for you to contact us if you want to send us feedback. This way, if you have any issues, we can send emails directly to your personal accounts to help you get back to writing as quickly as possible.

The only information we take when you sign in using these accounts is your profile picture and your contact details, that's it. Rest assured that we won't post anything through your accounts. If you want more details on our privacy policy, you can read through it here

However, if you are having difficulty signing into our system through these accounts, it is most likely an issue with your Google or Facebook accounts. If that is the case, here's how to fix it. 

Fixing Password Issues for Google

The first thing you need to do is click on the "Continue with Google" button.

Then, if you're having issues with your password, just click on the "Forgot Password" button and Google will help you through the process of setting up a new one.

Once completed, you can sign into INK again and start writing your next piece. 

Fixing Password Issues for Facebook

Just like with Google, if you find you are having password issues, you need to reset your login details on the Facebook site. 

If you try to log in and come to this page, just click on the "Recover Your Account" button and you can reset your login details from there.

Once you've successfully signed in, you can sign into INK again and start writing your next piece.
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