Alexander and our engineering team made answering this simple.

They built it into our INK Editor, AND it's determined based on the specific article you're writing! The answer is constantly changing, and we are committed to keeping you up to date with our AI. No more researching industry expert views till the end of time.

No matter what subscription you're using, every INK user has access to Word Tasks.

In the INK SEO Editor, go to Word Tasks:

Word Task
Word Task

Word Count

Word Count

Tada! Your answer in this example is 1,776, now you know.

This number calculates based on your keyphrase and high-performing competitive content. INK's AI went out to the web, pulled all your competing content, and produces the answer every time. This number can change based on the constant changes of the internet. Come back and refresh your evergreen content with updated results using the INK SEO Editor.

Please don't keep us a secret; share INK with your team and help them rise above the noise too!
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