INK's proprietary AI is designed to analyze your competitors and your own work to give you the best chance of creating the highest quality content. 

INK helps you to optimize your content in two main ways. 

1. Word Tasks

When you add a keyphrase to your content, INK will show you what you need to do to improve it. 

The first step in optimizing your content is through Word Tasks. These are tasks related to grammar, word count, and readability. 

Fixing all of these issues will help your content on a fundamental level. Fixing spelling mistakes and improving readability is the first step to improving your work and helping readers enjoy your content more. When you click on the "Optimize" tab, INK will show you what you need to do to help improve your content. 

From here, you can navigate through your work to see where you can improve your writing or whether you need to add some more copy to improve your word count. 

Once you have fully optimized your content using the word tasks tab, you can move on to Relevance Tasks.

2. Relevance Tasks

Relevance tasks are focused on the more technical aspects of your content. If you want a search engine to view your content as relevant or helpful, it has to be related to the topic you want to rank for. 

The best indicator of this relevance is INK's topical completeness score. 

This score will let you know how close your content is to being fully topically relevant. 

A score of 100% is ideal, but you should aim to have a score over 90%. 

There are plenty of other Relevance Tasks that INK will provide for you to help you optimize your content. From keyphrase usage to adding metadata, INK's relevance tasks are a great way of pushing the technical side of your content to its full potential.

Will INK's Optimization Help me Rank?

The INK app is designed to give you the best possible chance of ranking for your chosen keyphrases, but it's not guaranteed to give you the top spot for every keyphrase you go for. 

Think of the INK app as a guide or teacher, showing you how to create the best version of your content. At a minimum, INK will give you the ability to improve your content's readability and relevance, which is something your readers are bound to notice. 

If you think INK is missing something that could help your writing experience, please don't hesitate to send us a feedback form through the INK app.
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