We recognize that losing your work is the #1 most frustrating thing that can happen to you when using a content creation product.

Recovery Method 1: Unfinished Sessions 
Despite not having auto-save, we are very aggressively caching your work to try and prevent file loss. This feature is a bit over-sensitive, but we rather err on the side of caution. If we think you might not have saved your work, you can see an unfinished session left sidebar open up.

From here, you can recover your possibly unsaved session, or discard it.

Unfinished Sessions

Recovery Method 2: Cached Files
We hope you never need to use this, but we added a second layer of document protection by caching different versions of the same document for up to a month. The cached documents will automatically clear after 1 month, and they are stored on your local hard drive.

1. You can access this in the Menu, top left corner.

2. Then, find the Cached Files option.

3. From here, you can access the cached versions of your documents.

Still Can't Find Your Document?

If despite our best efforts, you have lost a file, please contact us about it, we want to know all about it, diagnose, reproduce and update INK if at all possible, so that others don't have to experience the same.
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