Content Shield

Quick Scan

The INK Content Shield is designed to protect your site and content from penalties associated with platforms cracking down on AI generated content.

Think of it like an antivirus checker for your content and site.



Just paste some text of at least 50 words, and INK will scan the text for AI and check for plagiarism against the entire web.

INK is unique in the sense that it can not only detect AI content, but also identify which paragraphs are most at risk and need human editing.

Protecting You While You Write

INK also protects you while you write. As part of our SEO sidebar, it is fully integrated in our long form AI writer so that you can practice safe AI writing while you create.

INK is the only generative AI writing platform that is safe to use with Google. The features below come standard and do not consume credits.

The AI shield protects you by encouraging a minimum 10% human to AI writing ratio.

The AI written task card gives you an overall risk of detection, whereas the possibly AI written task will highlight the paragraphs that need your human edits the most.

The combination of these tasks ensure that you are in control, without interrupting your workflow.

The plagiarism checker card in the editor works a little different - the AI writer checks your content against your direct keyword top 20 competitors in Google, whereas the Quick scan  in the standalone text checker checks the entire web.