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Can I Use INK Offline?

Yes, you can continue to write in INK while offline, but some tools such as our keyphrase search will not work until reconnected to the Internet.

You'll know if INK is not connected if you see this prompt on the right-side toolbar:

INK needs to be connected to the Internet for a number of tasks.

1. The first of these is our key phrase tool. When you input a key phrase into INK, it analyzes competing websites for this topic to understand exactly what you need to do to rank for this term. Without internet connectivity, INK cannot do this.

2. You also need INK to use our grammar & spelling tool as well as our synonym tool.

Analyzing your content's readability and grammar score takes a lot of computing power. To ensure the highest level of performance of our tools, we do this analysis remotely. This ensures that your computer has the ability to continue running INK as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

You can still write in INK when you are offline. Once you have reconnected to the Internet, you can then use our tools to analyze what you have written and see how you can best optimize your work to rank for your chosen key phrases.

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